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Ben and I saw this poster in Arezzo.  How could we not go…it’s PORK! 


steak and pork festas 050


We rounded up a big group and went on Sunday, April 22.  From the left, Richard (one of the owners of the house we rent), his friends Maria-Vittoria and Nicola (not the Nicola who saves us and the car all the time but another equally as nice one) and across is Gian Carlo.  Also there were Grace, Melissa and Thane (who are staying in Tania and Keith’s house while Tania and Keith are away), George and Jules and Ben and I.  Almost a whole table.


steak and pork festas 056


The food was good. This is the minestra di pane  or a thick soup/stew with bread, beans and vegetables.  It was a big serving that we could split.


steak and pork festas 058


This is stinco di maiale.  Which is the shank part of the pig’s leg.  I had the ribs that were very good but could have used some BBQ sauce. 


I like to make a note of the costs so that when we go back next year we will have an idea.  For 2 people, cover charge 2, minestra 5, ribs 4.50, stinco 10, potatoes 2, salad 2, water 1, wine 3.50 for a total of 30 Euros. 


steak and pork festas 048


It was kind of a limited menu and definitely not one to bring a vegetarian to.  And a note for next year, because I will forget, Rigatino al Forno is NOT a local word for a type of pasta.  It is pig’s liver wrapped in bacon. 


We were treated so nicely by everyone even though we were as usual a big demanding group.  We will definitely go back next year.  And please note that the food was served on real plates with real silverware and real glasses.  There was a poster announcing that it is an environmentally friendly event. 


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  1. Hi Martha, I am constantly, continuously envious of you! How I would love to return for another year or two but life got in the way.

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