Looks like something my father would have done

My father was always handy, could fix many things.  Many times when staring at something broken, I think ‘what would my father do?’ and sort of summon him up.  And usually a solution comes to mind. 


So when I saw this in Guazzino, I immediately thought of him.  He loved working with wood and this so looks like something he would do.




steak and pork festas 001


steak and pork festas 003


steak and pork festas 005


steak and pork festas 002


Isn’t it funny how one Italian man, Piero Bennati can remind me of another Italian man who never set foot in Italy?


1 Comment

  1. BK

    Thank you for bringing your father to my mind this morning. I always enjoyed our visits with him and your mother. Beautiful people!

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