The things I see

On Sunday, May 6, I was in Arezzo early to catch a train to Rome.  (Sidenote: I will freely admit that I will drop in conversations “Next week when I am in Rome, I’ll…”  I mean, come on, who else in the US that I know could say that)  Back to why I was taking a train to Rome.  My friend, Dinah, of the Dinah and Allen Fund was flying into Rome.  She doesn’t always sleep on the flight over from Canada and feels more comfortable if someone else drives her from the Rome airport to her place near us in Tuscany.  And I am a good choice for a driver.  Her flight did not get in until after lunch but I had important shopping to do (see another post) so I was off early.


steam train 022


No, this is not my train.  But it is pretty cool huh?  A coal fired steam engine.


steam train 015


The engine along with 2 cars was starting from Arezzo for an excursion.  I know of a steam train that leaves Siena and comes down to the truffle festival in Asciano in the fall.  So it was something like that.  But I don’t know exact details of this trip.


And the other strange thing I saw on that trip…


steam train 026


was this, on the side of a building as I was leaving Termini in Rome on the way to the airport. 


Look for another post about my shopping.


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  1. Michael

    That was so nice of you to drive all that distance! I told a friend the other day that I’d be happy to take him and pick him up at BWI and he was ecstatic. And that’s only an hour at most away. Anyhow, you are indeed a good driver and I’m proud that you’ve managed so well in Italy, and with manual transmissions!

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