It all started with wings…

I know.  Sometimes, I totally  can not believe how naive I still am about living here, even after almost 5 years.  I thought, my birthday is on a Sunday.  Our friends who have rentals will be free.  Let’s have some folks over.  I’ll make wings.


Yeah right.  Several days later, I realized the foolishness of my thoughts.  We can only have wings when the Esselunga or COOP decide to sell them.  So far I have found no rhyme or reason or season to when wings are available.  So wings became ribs and chicken thighs.  Esselunga is selling a really good, sort dry-rubbed vacuum packed rack of small ribs made by the AIA company.   The package says they are ‘American Style’.  And if you overlook the predominance of rosemary they are pretty good. 


As Ben and I started to plan, the weather looked fine.  We could be out on the terrace.  It would be wonderful.  I asked Ben to be in charge of inviting people.  He went crazy inviting folks.  I was worried we would not have enough chairs.  And then the weather forecast turned.  We planned to start at 5 and grill chicken and ribs on the terrace in the sun and warm temperatures.  The rain was to start at 8.  The next day the forecast said the rain would start at 4.  The next day the forecast said the rain would start in the morning and  continue on all day and the next day and the next day, and the next day, all the way through until the end of the month.   I strongly considered calling the whole thing off.  But Ben had been emailing and folks had been RSVPing so it seemed there was no turning back.  Ben and I hatched a plan to move furniture and squeeze everyone in. 


roses, bday party 054


Like pioneers circling the wagons, we made a circle of seating with the table and long ottoman in the center.  Everyone had a place to sit and most everyone had a place to put their plate.  Here’s our friend Sebastian who doesn’t need anywhere to put his plate while he inhales his food. 



roses, bday party 057


Sorry I wasn’t on the ball  about taking more pictures.  Here is our friend Dinah.  Turned out to be a very nice meal with many contributions from the guests to round out the ribs and chicken.  And it did rain and rain and rain.


All in all, I enjoyed a great birthday with friends, good food, and I got to drink as much wine as I wanted because I did not have to drive anywhere.  I might vene do it again next year!



  1. lindyloumacinitaly

    A lovely Birthday Celebration despite the weather.

  2. Debbie Hooker

    Leave it to you to figure out a way to “get the party started”. So glad it all worked out. Sounds like a great time. Italian birthday cake???

  3. No Italian cake, but a double chocolate mousse cake that I made. Very good!

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