Dinner with Jules and George

Once the rental season starts it gets harder and harder for all of us to be able to get together.  ‘Oh, we have guests arriving that day.’  ‘Oh, our guests are leaving then and we have to clean.’  And the complications just go on and on.  So just before the season got into full swing, George and Jules decided to have a dinner party. 



roses, bday party 048


We started on their spectacular terrace just as the sun was setting. 


roses, bday party 049


(Here’s Jules sitting between the Marlboro Man and the Ralph Lauren of Tuscany.  That other white haired guy is just a ‘hoodie model’)


Like my birthday party, their plans to eat outside on the terrace were thwarted by the weather, not rain but cold.




roses, bday party 050


We did have our pasta course outside before the cold drove us in to a nice cheery fire and warmth.   We finished the meal inside and George sang show tunes.  I had forgotten to bring along my coconut bra and grass skirt for him, but since he only did one song from South Pacific, he never would have worn it the entire time. 


We do have fun here.


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