Roses, roses, roses

Tuscany must have just the right climate for roses.  I have never been very good with roses, first off there is the whole pruning thing.  I don’t like to prune.  Pruning is always a major topic of conversation when Richard (one of the owners of this house that we rent) is here to help me with the yard.  This year he did not have to prune the roses very much since the deer seemed to have done it for him. Now many of the roses are sporting a hardware cloth cage and we are both hoping for their recovery. 


roses, bday party 035


This one in the front escaped the deer and is doing nicely.


roses, bday party 047


Jules, who is just as much in the country as we are, somehow escapes deer damage and has beautiful roses growing.  This one is hers. 



roses, bday party 063


And so are these that she brought me for my birthday.  But look at these…


roses, bday party 042


roses, bday party 043


her beautiful blue iris. 


May is one of the prettiest months in Tuscany.  But you really need to plan to be here all month since the weather effects the timing of the blooms.  Sometimes all this happens the first week of May and sometimes it is mid-May or later.   But whenever it is, it is a great show.


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