Fort Knox was breeched!

My tomato patch or as the dog and I also know it as, Fort Knox, was breeched! (see previous post about plants and nets and things)  Every morning and evening, Nerone and I walk the perimeter of the ‘mowed’ part of the property.  We used to go over to the big pasture but now that has gotten really overgrown and it just brings out the ‘wild’ in Nerone so we cut that part out of our walk for the time being.  Eventually, the farmer down the way will come and mow it and make hay for his sheep with it and then we will go back to walking there too. 

Monday morning, as Nerone and I were coming back to the terrace we stopped to look at the tomato plants under their netting.  Imagine our surprise when we saw this.


snake in the grass 011


See the snake in the middle of the picture, between the rocks and the plants.


snake in the grass 013


A different view point.  Good thing I have a zoom lens.


Now I put up with birds, bats and boars.  I put up with cats and crickets.  I put up with dogs and DEER!  I put up with horses and hunters.  I put up with a lot of things tromping around the property and just generally making themselves at home but I draw the line at snakes. 




The line!



I called my local White Knight of all things farm, Alessio.   He arrived looking like Crocodile Dundee wearing an Arezzo Rugby Club shirt and carrying a small machete.


snake in the grass 014


The snake had so bunched itself up in the net that he finally had to use scissors to cut it free.


snake in the grass 016


With much more bravery than I ever would have had, Alessio cut the snake free.  The snake slithered back into the wall without even a Thank You.  And Alessio returned to his farming life. 


Mentha, I guess this must be my ‘gangsta mouse’. 


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