What to do when the pansies are finished?

I spent a good bit buying pansies and bought more than I normally do.  (got carried away).  But they did well and have lasted longer than usual since the weather has been so cool and rainy.  But we have had a few hot days and if I don’t get ‘summer’ flowers bought, they will be picked over by the time I want them, so regretfully I have pulled the pansies out. 


This year, as I was doing it, I decided to pick the blooms and use a direct transfer technique to print with them.



pansy paper 007


Here’s the finished sheet of blue ones at the top and the orange ones are ready to transfer.


pansy paper 006


Just slap a piece of wax paper (thanks Ted and Mollie) over them and hammer away.


pansy paper 008


The orange ones turn out to be more yellowish and most of the blue and purple ones turn out greenish or dark blue.  The little lines of the pansy ‘face’ will sometimes directly transfer too. 


I ended up with two sheets of 8.5 X 11 card stock.  And I have not decided what I will do with it yet.  It will probably be months but you’ll see this again.


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