Cinghiale in Lucignano

Lucignano is a small hill town near Monte San Savino where our friends, Dinah and Allen live.  The town has a big festival in May to celebrate local traditions.  Someone there cleverly figured out that after that was over, while the tent was still up, it would be a good time to have a cinghiale (wild boar) festival.  So we were off with a big group to enjoy the first night of the event.


cinghiale in lucignano 011

Here’s Ben at the far right end, then my purse pretending to be me, Jules, Nancy (friend of Dinah and Allen also from Toronto), Enzo (friend of George and Jules, you might remember him from grape picking last September), George (at the other end), our guests Ben and Frances, Dinah (in purple) and Allen. 


cinghiale in lucignano 012


Again, no food pictures.  What was interesting was this very nice ‘pocket’ cut in the napkin to hold the silverware and the biodegradable place mats.   I had a very good steak.  Ben had pork.  Others had the pasta with wild boar or the grilled wild boar and said it was good.  And some had pizza which was okay. 


The two Bens, Frances and I topped the whole evening off with ice cream at Bar Madison.


cinghiale in lucignano 015


We think that Ben and Frances had a good time.  They will both be off to medical school in San Diego in a few months.  Both of them will be great doctors.  They were fun guests to have for a few days.


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