Lucignano Scenes

We all met at Dinah and Allen’s house before going off to the cinghiale festa in Lucignano (see another post about it)


cinghiale in lucignano 003


A thunderstorm had just passed through and I could not resist this shot of the rainbow from their terrace.  This is half of it.  And..


cinghiale in lucignano 004


here is the other half.


And then we were off to the festa.


cinghiale in lucignano 007


Even though it is May 30th, it is still chilly enough for a sweater or jacket.


cinghiale in lucignano 006


It is a pretty town.


Dinah and Allen are doing their best to improve the appearance of the town.


postcard pics for july 4 001 


Here’s Dinah showing off her new railings and the crest she designed for the house.


postcard pics for july 4 005


The crest of Lucignano is a rampant griffon holding a crown.  Dinah adapted this to have the griffon holding a maple leaf (since they are Canadian) and a shield with an ‘L’ for their last name.  Attached to the ‘L’ is an ‘A’ and ‘D’ (for Allen and Dinah).  There is room to add more initials when other family members take possession of the house.   Very tasteful don’t you agree?


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