Really! You turn your back for 1 minute…

Guest Post by Nerone, the dog.


Well it has been a rainy spring.  I take my job guarding the house very seriously and try to work all day, every day.  But sometimes all this rain is too much even for me.  So the other day I was inside, just waiting for it to stop raining and look at this.


pansy paper 010


pansy paper 014


I mean!  Right outside the door just mozying around looking for bugs I guess.  That lady who lives here says she thinks it is an African Crested Hoopoe or Do doo or something like that.  All I know is he would be grilled chicken and my dinner if I was out there.


And then there are these swallows or swifts that are building a nest in the roof?   What is that all about?  Do they think we are running a guest house for birds?  I bet that Elizabetta has been going on the internet, using a false identity and trying to lure them her.  I bet she claims she’s an African Crested Do doo. 


And then Mannnnn Alive!   there are these Japanese beetles.  I’m gonna catch that sucker too.  Dive bombing me!  Hmumph!


Don’t even get me started on the snake.  How did these people live here without me to protect them???



steam train 001


Rainy weather is sooo boring.  And Ben hogs his IPOD.  I can’t even listen to music.  Oh well.  The rain will stop soon.



  1. I looked up the Hoopoe – a noble bird, for sure!

  2. lindyloumacinitaly

    You were so lucky to be able to capture a photo of the hoopoe, I never get to my camera in time when he comes near the house.

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