Summer Shots

Only folks who have visited here or the folks who own the place will recognize this as the terrace. 


cinghiale in lucignano 025


The poppies grow in the middle of the terrace and I just let them.  I know it looks really ‘weedy’ in the late afternoon when they have closed but on a sunny morning it is just glorious.  The reason why you want to be in Tuscany in the Spring and early Summer.  (in the back ground are my pots of marigolds.  I know so common, but guess what, they do well, don’t close at night, the deer don’t mess with them and if I sprinkle enough ground red pepper on the soil the snails don’t bother them either.)  (and the the 2 containers were free.  Recycled from the trash bins)




cinghiale in lucignano 026


This section is doing well this year.  And I have even left the pansies here for now.  There are coleus in there waiting for their moment to shine.  (What do you think I would give for some caladiums?????) 


cinghiale in lucignano 028


And that perennial summer weed.  Laundry hanging out to dry. 


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