Wine night in Pieve al Toppo

You might have seen the poster last week for a new event that we decided to go to Bacco in Piazza in Pieve al Toppo.  A small town outside of Arezzo

florence with teri june 2012 031


Even though the poster said that it started at 6:30, when Ben and I got there at 7 they were clearly no where near being set up.  So we all ended up at a nearby Vineria Enoteca, Clanis. 


pieve al toppo wine festa 023


from left, Gian Carlo, Allen and Dinah discussing finer points. 


The enoteca, Clanis is a really nice place and one that I would suggest to guests or happily go back to.  It is right on the SS 73 in Pieve al Toppo and has a wooden deck over the parking lot and a small wooden outbuilding that blocks the view of the traffic and makes sitting on the deck very enjoyable.  I had their very good house white wine but I also saw that they serve beer by the pitcher.   If I had someone to drive me, I could sit there on a hot summer afternoon and drink beer for a looooong time.  It was a nice place.


After an enjoyable hour there, we staggered across the road to the festa which was finally getting under way.  There were not many food choices, the idea of the festa being that folks would stop by and have some wine. listen to music and maybe eat a snack.  Ben and I each got a chianina beef hamburger.  5 Euros each.  A really, really good hamburger.  Scarfed it right down, no pictures AGAIN!  


And then the music started.  Somehow, George ended up playing with the band. 


pieve al toppo wine festa 037


pieve al toppo wine festa 040


pieve al toppo wine festa 042


He only played a couple of songs and I think he really enjoyed it. 


But no one rode the mechanical bull.  Oh well.  Next year.


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