Well, we’re just buzzing with excitement!

I was walking back to the house after picking up the mail when I realized that I heard a really funny sort of crunching in the mulberry tree.  Looking up, I saw that there were about 100 to 200 bugs swirling around the tree.




postcard pics for july 4 020


It was hard to get a shot of all of them but it is very noticeable and noisy.


postcard pics for july 4 023


The mulberries are just ripening and these guys were here to enjoy the feast.


postcard pics for july 4 025


Even inside the house with the the window open, a good 50 feet from the tree I can hear them chomping and sucking away.


postcard pics for july 4 027


And every now and then a bird will come by and snack on a few bugs.  All this has been going on for several hours now.  Never a dull moment here on the farm.


The next day:  well this morning when Nerone and I walked through that part of the yard, there were all these bugs on the ground.  Each on their own little clover bloom bed.  I picked one bloom and the bug did not move much, just a slight antenna twitch.  Hung-over?  Passed-out?  Dying?   Who knows, but by mid-afternoon they were all back in force.  Maybe it is Spring Break for the bugs and this is like Florida.  Or maybe it is some multi-day ‘prince bug’ bachelor party?   All I know that for this type of bug there is a BIG party going on here at Covivole!


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