Hay making time and finally it is warm

We have had a cool rainy spring.  Even though it is the middle of June, we still have a blanket and a duvet on the bed.  We only have 1 window and 1 door open at night.  It has rained a good bit.  I don’t think that my tomatoes have set fruit because it is still too cool at night, but the plants look healthy and are blooming.



june 2012 002


The wheat that the farmers planted has ripened.  See all the yellow/cream colored patches?  Those are wheat fields, just waiting to be harvested.



june 2012 006


june 2012 010


Now for the second day in a row it is finally above 72 degrees in the kitchen and not because I have had the oven on.  No, it is actually finally warm here and will be for the next week or so.  Maybe it will stop that grass from growing!


Update:  Yeah, it’s warm here.  Like August!  I thought I would add this shot that I took on the 20th while I was in Monte San Savino.


pics for Alessio 003


It’s easier to see the fields.  Off to drink beer now!



  1. lindyloumacinitaly

    The weather has certainly gone from one extreme to the other!

  2. sherrie and franco

    our tomatoes are doing about the same.. just need more SUN!!

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