Oh No, What happened here?

Guest Post by Elizabetta


That stupid lawn mower Harry broke.  Ha! Well I’m not sorry.  That thing is noisy.  It lives in my room and it smells.  And always has to have its gas can right beside it.  Such a messy creature.  And just as I get settled down to rest after hunting all night, in comes that woman to start him up and disturb my nap!


Well, I left my room and went over to my secret garden.


 pieve al toppo wine festa 003


Two weeks of Harry not being around really made a difference.  Lots of sweet grass, poppies and all kinds of other flowers. 


pieve al toppo wine festa 008




pieve al toppo wine festa 011


Nothing beats taking a nap in the shade in a wildflower garden.


june 2012 043


Oh nooooo!  That evil Harry!  Cut down to stubble!  I’m goona send my Richard an email.  She didn’t need to cut down my secret garden yet.  It was only 10 inches high!  Really!


pieve al toppo wine festa 019


And look what I have to put up with.  Hmmmph!  Some guard dog!  Asleep on the job again!


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