Well what was the 4th like?

The 4th of July really is my favorite holiday.  Good time of year for produce… tomatoes, corn, beans, squash, melons.  Most likely good weather and a chance to get together with folks outside,  drink beer, get in a swimming pool and watch fireworks.  And yesterday was all of that for me. 


We were at the home of other American Expats, Tania and Keith.


july 4, 2012 018


Keith, the King of the Grill


july 4, 2012 025


Lots of folks, sitting outside, under the trees in the soft late afternoon.


july 4, 2012 035


An Irish Statue of Liberty


july 4, 2012 036


And I would venture to say the ONLY Expat 4th of July celebration with real American Girl Scout cookies.  (thanks BK and Annalisa)


It was a great evening.  Made all the more exciting by being stopped by the police on the way there and then AGAIN on the way home!  No tickets were issued, we just got a check of the back seat of the car both times.  (maybe someone committed a crime and drove away in a Fiat Multipla?  (our car is a fairly common make and model and color))


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