Oh, my! Look what I have finally gotten!

The house that we rent is not that large.  There is a kitchen, 2 bath rooms (a luxury here in Italy), a large living area, a large bedroom where I have space for my computer and a smaller bedroom where Ben has space for his computer.  The smaller bedroom is in the oldest part of the house and has three outside walls.  So it is also the coldest room of the house.  In the winter we move Ben out to the big living area and shut the smaller room off to save on heating costs.  This Spring it has barely gotten warm much less hot.  So Ben had not moved back to his ‘office’ when my birthday came around.  We decided on a plan to move his desk out to a part of the living area.  And before all the guests left my party I drafted a few to help move the desk.  We shuffled some other furniture and lo and behold there was empty horizontal space in that small bedroom. 



postcard pics for july 4 045


Acting quickly, before Ben seized and occupied the horizontal space with his assorted ‘Ben droppings’  I have taken it over for my sewing machine.  Even when I have lived in houses that were 4 times the size of this one I have never had a table dedicated to my sewing machine.  Oh my goodness!  This is such a treat!  The sewing machine will be right there.  It will only need to be plugged in.  I can sit down and sew this bit or that.  Then get up and wander off.  No having to worry about moving the machine so we can eat dinner.  Or moving the machine so I can use my computer.  How spoiled I will be.


So spoiled that since writing this I have managed to make myself a vest.


blue and orange top 004


It is hard to find any exciting fabric here.  There is supposed to be a large fabric store outside of Florence that I still need to check out.  Maybe I’ll find some more fabric there.  It was enjoyable to sew again, something that I have done since I was 6 years old.  This time (over 4 years)  without a machine was probably the longest period I have gone without sewing. 



  1. Melissa is also quite the sewer, making her kids clothes when they were little and now for grandchildren. She had an old 70’s Kenmore model that was having some problems and we found a repair guy to rebuild it. He was quite the talker and Melissa was attentive. Since then she has bought 2 full older table mounted machines and done some restoring on both. They are up and out all the time and have all the cams and special stitches that she is still discovering. Between sewing and crocheting she has made quite a few baby blankets, little dresses and beautiful christening gown. She is really enjoying her re-found hobby. Happy sewing to you Martha.

  2. BK McCloud

    Quick thinking to claim that space! I am so happy you have a dedicated sewing space. It makes all the difference in the world as to how much you’ll be able to do. Who knows but one day you’ll start quilting!

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