Chatting with Anoop

Well, what to do when it gets soooo hot?  It is way too hot to work outside, fortunately the grass is browning off and drying up at a wonderfully fast rate so probably only one more grass cutting.  My gosh, time I could call my own.  I decided to try and update my computer.


I got my laptop a few months before we moved to Italy. (2007)  In 2009, there was a service pack for it that would just not install.  And I had been trying off and on to get it to install.  Ben would try and it won’t work for him.  His daughter, Annalisa tried when she was here in March and it still won’t work.  The diagnosis was that my laptop needed more memory.  So we bought more memory and installed it.  I tried again several times and it still did not work.  And I had bought a small MP3 player so that I could listen to books and music while in the guest cottage or cutting grass.  The act of trying to use a new whoop dee do device on my 5 year old computer was almost overwhelming for it.


So one hot Monday, I decided that I was finally going to do something about this.  I went online and found Microsoft online support and started chatting with Anoop about my problem. 


posters june 2012 010


There, you can see him, wearing blue.  I don’t think that is his best picture (Ha, ha) 


Well Anoop and I tried for several hours that Monday.  Didn’t really get anything resolved because our internet connection kept dropping.  On Tuesday, I went into MSS and sat in Caffe Luna using their connection and was able to get some issues resolved.  I was there for 4 hours, 2 beers and a gallon of sweat in the absolutely-no-air-is-moving-in-here room. 


Then on Wednesday, our internet connection was better so I sat at home and chatted with Anoop again for 3 hours or so.  He would take control of my computer and I would just sit, looking up occasionally from my book or from my glass of beer.  And then we did this again on Thursday.  We made some progress because late on Thursday night…




posters june 2012 009


I downloaded and installed 100 important updates!   And then we did some things on Friday.  I think I took Saturday off from worrying about it since this project of updating my computer had taken up 3 to 4 hours everyday for 5 days in a row.  Finally on Sunday, a week after starting I was able to download and install Service Pack 1.  Over the next few days I was able to finally download Service Pack 2 and upgrade my Internet Explorer and the software that I use to visit the library.  And then I spent a few days fixing the things that had changed on my computer back to the way I wanted them and reinstalling the audio output device. 


All in all I have probably spent about 50 hours on this project.  But I am very proud of myself for getting it done.   Annalisa had shown me a few things to do when she was here in March.  Watching and working with Anoop I learned a good bit.  He worked patiently with me for many days and was very polite and helpful.  It takes a very persistent customer service person to continue to try to work with you when the internet connection that you have keeps dropping.  Anoop was certainly that.  And I figured out a few things on my own to fix the situation.  So now Ta Dah!!!!


I can download and listen to books and music!  Whooo hoooo!  This afternoon I started adding to my James Taylor collection.   Now that I have all this entertainment, I guess I’ll have to look for a new project. (but as I know now, the new project, MOVING! found me)


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  1. Anoop

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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