Tagliata in Agazzi

This is one of our favorite festas. 


cut steak 2012 015


This is the poster, not as much for the event, but to announce that there would be a giant screen TV to watch Italy play Germany.  As a former event planner, I could understand that when planning the event they knew this might happen and have a contingency in place.  So I guess that they did.  But I felt like even with all this advance planning, attendance was down from previous years.  Also maybe because the normal posters announcing the event were not out very early. 


Anyway, that did not stop us.  We were there in force, taking a whole table.


cut steak 2012 017


from the left is Ben and then around the table, the British guests of George and Jules, and then the blondie Jules and George.  ( Take careful note of that woman next to Jules)


Okay, now the important part the food



cut steak 2012 019


cut steak, topped with arugula.  So good!  Or



cut steak 2012 021

Steak topped with porcini mushrooms.


We had a great time, just sitting up there enjoying being outdoors, the breeze, the good company and good food.


But I tell you what… you have to watch out for these Brits!  I mean give an inch…


cut steak 2012 024


And all of a sudden they are moving in.  This is Jen, who speaks perfect Italian (she lived here for a while) and charmed the socks off our bud of the festa who came back with some goodies.  Now how many vacationers go home with a great souvenir from a very local event and memories of a great evening????


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