The great big football game

In Italy, football means, what Americans call soccer.  Late in June and on the 1st of July were the playoffs for the UEAF.  (EuropaCup maybe?)  (sorry, too many leagues and I get my sports news from many sources so sometimes I miss a few details)  ( Okay, it was not ACC basketball.  What do you expect?)  Italy was playing Spain in the finals on July 1.  And even though it was the evening of Ben’s birthday, he knew how important it was to me to go into Monte San Savino to watch the big screen TV that was set up in the piazza.


july 4, 2012 004


Fortunately it was breezy and not horribly hot.  Here’s Ben enjoying a beer.  See the woman’s hair.  I said it was breezy!!!



july 4, 2012 010


And here are some of the crowd gathered to watch.  (Please note the young woman in the green top, holding a drink can with a straw on the far left.  We will see here again.)  All age groups and colors. 



july 4, 2012 015


The big screen.  Hey!  This is Monte San Savino, for here, it is big!  Just a side note, that before the game started when the Italian national anthem was being played, the young’ins and I were the only ones who stood up.  Who knew most Italians don’t stand but  just continue chatting right on through it????





july 4, 2012 013


And here she is again.  So Italian, yet strangely not…  Spain won the match, not Italy.  So there were no great celebrations but it was huge fun to be in the piazza and watch with my peeps from MSS.  It is one of those things that I am really glad I got to do.


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