One made it

Several summers ago I spotted an allium growing near the fruit trees.  The next year it was in the same area but about 20 feet away.  Then last year it moved up to the grassy lawn in front of the house.  This year there were 3 in that same grassy area. Each about 5 feet apart.   Some animal got one.  Richard, the Irish gardener, who was asked not to mow them down, mowed one down.  This one managed to survive.




june 2012 027


So there it is just all by itself in the grassy area of the front.


june 2012 033


The interesting thing is that I am not the one digging these bulbs up and transplanting them.  It must be some underground animal who finds the bulb.  carts it around.  Bites into it and doesn’t like the taste, so discards it.  The bulb is related to chives and garlic. 


Wonder where it will be next summer?



  1. lindyloumacinitaly

    I love the way the Aliums spread themselves around somehow 🙂

  2. I know isn’t it a little freaky?

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