Has it been a year???

Guest Post by Nerone, the dog.


I used to sit just inside the fence and look out across these fields at that city in the distance. 



2nd time cut steak lucignano 006


2nd time cut steak lucignano 008


That is Monte San Savino.  I think I had been through there before to go hunting.  That was before my injury stopped me from hunting.  Who would have thought that after two years of being in rehab that someone would come and take me away.  But on July 19, 2011 that nice lady came and drove me up the hill and around the town and up more and more hills to a great big farm full of deer, wild boars, snakes and lots of bugs.



snow 2012 026


And I’ve been livin’ the life ever since.  I mean sure I have to work and guard the house from all those creepy things but I get a lot of time relax and lots of good food to eat. 


They had a party.  Just for me!   To celebrate our anniversary together.


We went to my favorite place, the calamari place.  Grace was there with a cute little boy.  And Dinah was there.


2nd time cut steak lucignano 011


She fed me calamari.  And brought me presents!


2nd time cut steak lucignano 015


A great Batman scarf, a nice toy and a very nice bag that woman can use to carry my water and things in when we travel.  (instead of that nasty Giant bag) 


And guess what???? We’re movin’ but SHHHH! Don’t tell that cat Elizabetta.  She doesn’t get to come. Ha ha!  The joke will be on her. 


It is good to be a dog!  I’m happy everyday when I get up and most all day long, unless that silly Elizabetta comes by to tease me.  Not all dogs get a good life like this.  I know it.  That is why we stopped by where I was in rehab and left boxes of bones for all my old friends and saw my friend Mauro.  It is good to be a dog!


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  1. BK McCloud

    You know you’re one lucky dog! Happy belated 1 year anniversary with our wonderful friends who cater to you. Keep up the good guard dog work.

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