Struzzo in Manciano

Well if it is July it must be time for ostrich!  And indeed it is.  We have gone to this one since the first July that we were here.  This year it was July 5-8 and then again 11-15.  I can’t tell you what it is about this one that we like so much.  Maybe it is the setting or the community feeling.  Don’t know.  We are not big fans of eating ostrich so it is not the food.



teverina, anne and andy 009


teverina, anne and andy 013


This year there was a menu posted in English. 



teverina, anne and andy 014


We had the ‘Tuscan starter’ or antipasto plate.  Starting at the top and going clockwise, crostini with chopped tomatoes and basil, crostini with cream cheese and olives, crostini with mushrooms, salami, proscuitto and melon and in the center panzanella, a salad that uses dead bread and summer veg. 


teverina, anne and andy 016


Our friend Dinah from Canada and Lucignano was with us.  A great evening.


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