Hot summer’s day project

Regular readers might remember that last spring, our Canadian friends, Dinah and Allen bought the building next door to them.  I went over and helped Dinah empty the building and was able to take what I wanted out of it.  There was a life time’s worth of belongings in it; one of which was this pillow cover.  Even though it had been torn (Nerone thought it looked like a vicious cat attack) it had been carefully repaired and saved. 


cast fior sagra, doug, trish, pat, dave 033


I brought it home and washed it and then set it aside.  A few weeks ago I found it again and decided to make a pillow out of it again.


From the picture, you can’t see, but the way the repair on the left side was done had caused the left edge to be uneven.  So I undid part of the repair  and backed it with some of the fabric that I bought to make the back of the pillow.  And voila!





2nd time cut steak lucignano 018


I added some red cording and fully stuffed it.  The repair and a small stain or two still show, so it doesn’t look brand new, but face it, nothing looks brand new after living with us for a while.


2nd time cut steak lucignano 019


I have been reading Mrs. Milburn’s Diaries, An Englishwoman’s day-to-day reflections 1939-45. It is about life in England during WWII and the hardships that folks endured. That got me to thinking about how throw-away-buy-new we have become (especially Americans) and how hard it would be if all of a sudden this changed.   So I am really happy that something that another woman (most likely, but could have been a man) treasured and carefully kept has been given a new lease and will be out of the cupboard and on display again. 



  1. sherrie&franco

    Very pretty Martha!! I Love Poppies. The pillow turned out very well!!

  2. Jane Mirko

    A lovely pillow, and yet a lovelier story.


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