Busy, busy and another new one

Well, Nerone is not liking the way summer has shaped up.  It seems like we are always gone, leaving him at home!  So after being gone the night before he was more than upset that we were off again to a dinner under the stars in Lucignano.  It was put on as a ‘social’ by the neighborhood where Dinah lives, on the street in front of her house.



lobster, 2012 008


lobster, 2012 014


The ‘ward’ (rione) is the ‘street of love’ and the flag/banner colors are yellow and red.


lobster, 2012 015


Yes, the street is blocked off and tables are set up in the middle. 


lobster, 2012 016


Banners are out.  See Black and White on the left, a different ward, the one that Peter lives in and Yellow and Red on the right, the one that Dinah lives in.  Even though they live on the same street.


lobster, 2012 027


When you are serving 100+ you need an efficient way to get the food out.  Plus it uses up some of that teenage energy. 


lobster, 2012 029


Very nice antipasto plate.  Followed by a pasta, then grilled ribs or sausage, then gelato.  All with wine, water and Spumante for 16 Euros.  A really good deal.  And I almost forgot, my favorite veg, versa.  It is a shredded cabbage that has a very light dressing on it.  The closest thing there is to slaw here.


lobster, 2012 035 


A very fun night unless you are Nerone.


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  1. lindyloumacinitaly

    The street parties here are always fun 🙂

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