Finally, Lobster

I like lobsters.  Especially Maine lobsters.  Before we moved to Italy I would get them from the Asian markets very inexpensively along with whole beef tenderloins also inexpensive.  (Hey, I knew how to shop) Ben and I might not have had a lot of money otherwise but we ate very well.  Well, here in Tuscany there are no Asian markets.  Occasionally we will see lobster in the Esselunga and always at Christmas but occasionally is just not enough for me.  So I am always excited about this lobster sagra in Bettolle a nearby town.  





teverina, anne and andy 032


We were there the first night it opened with our guests.



lobster, 2012 001


They ordered the seafood antipasto which was very nice looking.  Ben had the lobster gnocchi, which he said was good too.




lobster, 2012 006


I saved myself for the lobster.  The swirly thing is a compounded butter, but I think is made with cream cheese.  It would be so good if it had some horseradish in it, but then it would be too spicy for Tuscan taste.  Also on the menu was a ‘land’ selection of a normal antipasto, a pasta with ‘meaty’ sauce and a grilled pork tenderloin.


This is an expensive one.  The antipasto was 7 Euros, the gnocchi was 8 Euros, the lobster was 16 Euros.  But it was good and we came back the next week with our friends Dinah and Peter.  To my self, I justify spending this amount because it is in honor of my mother who loved lobster and her birthday falls during the sagra.  We always have a toast to her.


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