Yes, yes, we are moving

cut steak in lucignano and new house 043


To the top floor (the one showing) of the house on the left.


cut steak in lucignano and new house 044


It is a house on an estate or as the owners like to call it, a small village.


cut steak in lucignano and new house 049


Lots of windows.  This one side of the house and the back.


lucignano cut steak, new house 013


This is the other side of the house and the front.  Really, lots of windows. 


lucignano cut steak, new house 014


This is the front walk to the door.  Just inside the door are the steps up to the floor that we will have.  No more steps than we walk up now.  And all the bikes will be gone. 


The folks who own the house and the small village are very dog friendly and there is lot of shaded area for Nerone to lounge around in.  Lots of space for plants.   Sadly, (ha!) Harry the lawnmower will not be moving with us.  Because our new place has Costantino.  A real live person who fixes things and keeps things running.  I am so excited! 


The couple who own the property, Roberto and Marcie and their two daughters divide their time between here and Canada.  Oh, did I mention that there are two daughters that I will get to watch grow up.  I’m so excited!  And a nice woman and her daughter live below us.  Along with Costatino and his wife and Roberto’s mother, we will live near (easy walking distance)  other people!  Oh my gosh, I won’t have to get in the car and drive somewhere to talk or see someone other than Ben.  I’m so excited! 



  1. lindyloumacinitaly

    All the best wishes with the next chapter, will be looking forward to reading more.

  2. It sounds like a wonderful option for you and your little family! Where in Italy is it? I know you were talking about moving to the “east side” of the boot earlier so where are you ending up? Guest house will be missed by those of us who hoped to visit some day – however, if you are in the “east” I may still get to meet you because that;s where I come when I visited Italy the first time last year (and hoping again next year)!! Tell us more about your surrounding area, please.

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