Yellow and Green got married and became..

Sagra dei Pici.  That is truly what the posters say.  Some of you might remember from years past the Yellow and Green festival that we went to here in Monte San Savino at the big stadium.   And you might remember that we went 3 times last year and all but one time I thought the food was awful!   So it was interesting to see the posters go up and see that the event had been moved to a smaller, in-town venue, the playing field across from the old hospital.  But would the food be any good?


Running from August 1-12 we were there on Sunday, August 5 with (counter clockwise from Ben)  Nancy, Enzo, Grace and GianCarlo.



pizza 1st time, pici in MSS 008



Pici is a fresh pasta, a sort of fat, half rolled spaghetti.  Which I did not get a picture of. 



pizza 1st time, pici in MSS 013


I had one of the best grilled pork chops that I have ever had.


pizza 1st time, pici in MSS 012


Ben had the special that night, stinco with roasted potatoes and beer.  Stinco is part of the pork leg. 


pizza 1st time, pici in MSS 016


Afterwards there was dancing and my first sighting this year of ‘Elvis Presley hair’.   (white shirt with his hand on his hip)  Those of you who have visited with us will remember him as the farmer who is very light on his feet and an excellent dancer.  This is the first one times that we have stayed at late enough for the dancing to start.  I am sure that ‘Elvis Presley hair’ has been out to others dancing.  There is no keeping that man home when there is dancing.


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