What are we doing now?


august 2012, pizza again 041


I was surprised when I called for a hair appointment that Fabrizia said, oh, come tomorrow. Never one to turn down an appointment to get my hair cut we went.


After my hair was cut and shampooed and while it was conditioning, Fabrizia turned to Ben.  We looked so funny side by side in the shampoo chairs that I had to take a shot.


august 2012, pizza again 042


This one is a little more in focus and by now Fabrizia has caught on to what I am doing.  She is laughing and Ben, who has had his eyes closed the whole time is beginning to ask questions. 


And because I looked for info about costs before moving here, my cut with a quick conditioning/color boosting rinse and shampoo and Ben’s cut and shampoo cost 53 Euros. 


Just everyday life in Italy.


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