Yes, we have moved!

Well, my goodness, so much has happened since I last wrote. We have finally moved. It took a full 7 days and many, many trips in our car (a hero of our move) but we are truly here now and trying to unpack and get sorted out.




Here’s our friend, Enzo, loading our car. He was such a big help. He helped us for 2 days and we could not have done it without him. So Enzo is the biggest hero of our move.

So what is our new place like? Well, we are not in the country anymore or are we? We are close enough to walk to a small town or maybe it could be called a village. There are less than 1,000 people living here in Montagnano. We are still part of the bigger town of Monte San Savino which we were part of before. Now, instead of living 10 minutes outside of Monte San Savino towards the west and on top of a mountain, we live 10 minutes outside of Monte San Savino towards the east and in the valley. We are close enough that we can walk into Montagnano in less than 5 minutes. In the village there are bars, (not really like bars in the US but more like cafes that serve alcohol as well as light snacks, coffee and other drinks) a pizza place, some small shops, and a butcher. But our place is on the edge of town and is still in the middle of olive trees and fields. And there is this ROOSTER that wakes up wayyyy before I do, that I hear every morning. We have a very nice woman doctor and her daughter living below us as well as Costantino and Lecca who are the caretakers and Marie-Claude who is the mother of the current owner living here on the property too. So, I think that we have the best of both. A little bit of country and a little bit of town. (but maybe I have a nice roasting pan that the rooster would like to meet)

And what is the house like? We are on the second floor (above the doctoressa and her daughter). It is a wide, easy, with a good handrail, staircase up to us. And once inside there are no steps up and down like there were in our previous house. The rooms are big, each with a window and FULL of light. Not too much furniture. (which is a good and a bad thing. We have had to buy a few pieces which we didn’t really have the money for, but, we got to buy what we wanted. Not too tall, not too short but JUST RIGHT. I guess I sound like Goldilocks) And we will get to add all the personal touches that we want. We can stay here as long as we like. No one will be moving back here in a few years. So that makes it feel much more permanent for us.

When you walk in the door to the right is a small pantry and straight ahead is the kitchen.

moving, bed box pics 025


moving, bed box pics 026



It is a very basic kitchen. Those of you who knew my parents’ Airstream trailer will understand when I say that their kitchen was better equipped (not larger) than this one. But, hey, I knew what it was and we are working on making it better.


Next, down the hall after the kitchen, is the room that I am using as my study, with a single bed, a wardrobe, chest of drawers, 2 desks and a huge window that looks out over the olive trees.


moving, bed box pics 020


moving, bed box pics 021


(yes, that is me in my overalls taking the shot)



Beyond that, at the back of the house, the end of the hall, is the living room/dining room with two big windows, a breakfront/hutch for china, a large table and a daybed. The TV will be in there when we buy one.


moving, bed box pics 010


Next to this room and as large, is the bedroom with a King size bed and a wardrobe, chest of drawers and two bedside tables, but still the room feels very spacious because of the two windows.


moving, bed box pics 011




Then there is the really small bathroom that we will share. (GASP!) and the room that Ben is using as his study. (But the dog thinks that is his bedroom. I’m not telling him anything different)



So, I hope you have enjoyed the tour.


There will be more shots as we unpack and I finally get each room in decent shape.  See, you have something to look forward to.



  1. Yay! So glad to hear that you are settling in and that you have no “leave by” date to worry about any longer.

  2. Judy D-S

    When you say you share the bathroom, do you mean share with Ben or with other tenants? Clarify, please.

  3. Just Ben but that is almost too much sharing for me.

  4. wow! So much light! I think I have window envy!!!! So glad you guys are a bit closer and all moved in! Welcome back to the “city”!

  5. michael

    Well there are good and bad things, from my standpoint. First, the good…I was worried if we ever made it back to Tuscany that you’d be insulted if I said that I’d like to stay at one of the lovely apts. of George and Jules or the home of Keith’s…now that issue is settled! The bad, of course you know, is that it is very unlikely that Ken and I would be returning anyhow, thanks to his kidney disease and dialysis. However, I think you made a good choice and will be very happy there. So Good Luck!!

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