Have we made some progress?


Well, yes we have.  Three rooms, the kitchen, the bath and our bedroom are almost done.   We got to the point at the end of last week  where we really couldn’t do much else until we worked out storage solutions.  So Wednesday was a trip to IKEA in Florence. 


I know I live in Italy, home of great furniture.  And we did go into a few furniture stores and some second hand stores.  But I just was not seeing anything that beat the storage solutions and price that IKEA offers.  So 195 Euros later we were headed back here.  I got busy building and unpacking.  But still, it was apparent that we needed some other inexpensive shelving and hanging space.  I was really not interested in drilling into the very solid walls of this house. (think terra cotta tile blocks)  And the owners (Roberto and Marcie) said that Costantino  (the wonderful man who lives on the property year round with his wife and keeps the place running smoothly)  could help me do what ever.  So Saturday morning he came and for three hours we just moved from room to room drilling and screwing.  He thought it was funny that I had a list.  (some folks who read this have experienced my lists…)  But we did almost everything on that list.  So here are the results….

moving, bed box pics 041


Remember my room with all the clothes piled on the bed…


end of sept villa pics 018


There was all this room in the bedroom on the other side of the free standing closet.   There had been a table there.


end of sept villa pics 021 


With a little magic from the GREAT Costantino …  (and 100 Euros or so  of lumber and hardware  from OBI (like Home Depot)


end of sept villa pics 037


We ended up with this.  All the clothes off the bed and only 2 holes drilled in the wall.  The rest of the framework is held by bracing and pressure.  I plan to cover it with some fabric.  As I said we are almost finished.


In the kitchen, Costantino moved the fridge 


moving, bed box pics 025


from here next to the stove and the doorway. 


end of sept villa pics 028


To the other side of the doorway and next to the new IKEA shelves.    And LOOK!  I don’t have to pick up 3 pans to get to the one that I want!!!! What a concept.


The little white cabinet which was where the fridge is now..


end of sept villa pics 034


moved next to the stove to give me counter space by the stove.  Costantino  hung the IKEA rod above.  (can’t get enough of those S hooks)   And this..


end of sept villa pics 020


the tower of appliances in boxes  moved in to the



end of sept villa pics 035


the appliance garage or maybe I should say warehouse?  Anyway, there is counter space to use them and, and a PLUG!!!!!  It is hiding behind the red spatula.


He also helped me put up shelves in the pantry.


end of sept villa pics 023


You can see the lumber where we are going to put a few more when I get the screws.


end of sept villa pics 025


Luckily the glass topped IKEA table has storage underneath so


end of sept villa pics 031


(the white plate is underneath the glass top, not on top)  I have work space and very convenient storage.


I am very happy with the way the kitchen has turned out and once


end of sept villa pics 033


my really cool clock and a few pictures are hung it will be just great. 


end of sept villa pics 036


Well enough for this post.  Now that the bed is almost clear in my studio  (I have decided that Ben has an office and I have a studio)   I might be able to make some head way in there this coming week.


Thanks for all your good wishes and comments.  It really has been a pretty good move.  Not easy or fast but turning out very well.  You know what Martha says  “It’s a good thing.”



  1. Linda Ruiz

    Everything looks great and very organized. I am off to Thailand next week for a visit with my friend Oye. You can’t have all the fun!

  2. BK

    Ingenious use of space. When can you come to my house?BK

  3. I LOVE S hooks! I buy them all the time and somehow I use them ALL! Glad you guys are getting settled in, looks nice!

  4. Dinah

    Well done Martha and Ben. You are looking very organized.

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