I got a new job

Guest Post by Nerone, the dog


Well, I didn’t want to jinx this or anything by writing about it earlier but I had a job interview in July.  And I got the job.  What a great job it is too.  Of course it meant that I had to move, but my people seemed to think that moving was a good idea, because they suggested me for the job and they moved along with me too.  That nice woman who feeds me, She Who Most Be Obeyed,  well she was with me for the interview and she said that I did really well.  And she said this would be a good career move (whatever that is), after a year being the head of security at a farm and now to come into working at an estate, even if it is not a head position, still, it will look good on my resume.  She says there is a ‘family dog’ (pretty girl Luna) who will always be the head of security but she only lives here in the summer and sometimes that is the way it is on a family place… that you might not ever have the title but that doesn’t mean you don’t have the responsibility.  Anyway, when Luna leaves at the end of each summer she leaves this Max character, in charge.  But it kinda seems like no one knows exactly what Max does all day and maybe, just maybe, he’s not quite on the top of his game.  So they brought me in to give him a little help.


So, here’s my new views..


end of sept villa pics 042 


No terrace or woods here.  But a lot more to look after.


end of sept villa pics 043


This is where the horses live in the summer.  Only the chickens are there now.


end of sept villa pics 044


SWMBO and I go for walks down here.  This leads into town.    We go to the end and then come back.


end of sept villa pics 046


This is along the olive road.  She says she is going to have her vegetable garden here next spring.  I’ll have to help look after that too.


end of sept villa pics 050

After we walk all the way to the end of the olive road and back, then we cut through the olive trees.


end of sept villa pics 062


We walk along the back of where Luna lives to the front of the estate where the other road is.  SWMBO calls this Cedar Lane.  She says that she and Ben used to live near Cedar Lane in Virginia and this sure doesn’t look like that.    I don’t think they had as many Cedars there as we do here.

end of sept villa pics 063


Then we come along the side and walk up the steps to the front of where Luna lives.  Lots of times there are weddings and big parties here.   That Max didn’t tell me that all kinds of folks drop food here.  And this is a really good place to check.  I make sure we come here at least once a day.  Ohhhh, I found this big ol’ hunk of salami….hmmmm


Anyway, Luna, I’m watching after the place real careful.


end of sept villa pics 071


Don’t you worry.  There won’t be a scrap of food here when you come back.


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  1. Anne Maverick

    Nerone, I am your biggest fan; I love your writer-ly voice. You must keep all these posts and pictures for your memoir! Congrats on your new job. I’m glad to see you still have some countryside to enjoy. Anne Maverick

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