A Chicken Visit!

Right now I am just working on getting things out of boxes and more or less put up in a permanent home.   Ben’s office is, what it is.  I can’t hope to accomplish more in there than I have done.  In our bedroom, I have gotten more things that we won’t be using (like queen size fitted sheets that won’t work on a king size bed)  packed away.  I am using the two large plastic containers where these things are packed away as my bed side table.   Then I made a shelf for the piece of furniture in there that is supposed to be a bed side table but is about 12 inches higher than I am when I am laying in bed so it is totally useless and lacked a shelf (talk about your unusable furniture, ‘oh let’s put it in the rental’)  Anyway it is more useable now and is storing our overflow of health and beauty products.  So there’s not too much more to do to the bedroom.  The bathroom has a whole slew of issues that I just can’t face yet. 

You have seen the kitchen.  It gets better everyday.  The cold water handle on the sink faucet which leaked horribly, died completely.  (what a tragedy) It was just spinning.  Fortunately it was shut off.  The plumber came.  Get this.  I did not have to wait 10 days.  I did not have to call the plumber’s helper and explain the problem.  I did not have to call the plumber everyday.  I did not have to call the plumber’s wife.  I did not have to go down to a bar and stalk him.  All I did was show my new best buddy, Costantino, the problem, and voila! the plumber arrived.  He did have to come back to replace the faucet but hey, he returned when promised the next day with a new faucet and put it on.  I have put up the last of the shelves in the pantry.  Except of course, that once again I have run out of screws.  So one shelf lacks getting up.  But tomorrow is another trip to OBI to view solutions for bathroom issues and buy screws again.


So what does all this have to do with chickens?  Well, there are 4 chickens who live on the property.  Yesterday, they strolled over to chat with Nerone.  You can imagine his delight. 


my office, 2012 005


I just got a quick shot of them because Lecca (Costantion’s wife) caught them heading towards Nerone and suggested that they might want to turn around.  I had been working in my studio.  And have finally learned to stick a note on the wall about the electrical outlets before I move some piece of furniture in front of them.


my office, 2012 007





end of sept villa pics 036


It had looked like this.  But has been transformed and now


my office, 2012 009


looks like this.  (Oh, look, another big and tall bedside table!) I am reusing the sunburst shower curtains that I have had for years which were the bed skirt where we just moved from to cover the bed.  I plan to ‘chicken’ the place up.  Thinking of using some of the many chicken dish towels that I have as pillow covers.  And I just had to real quickly make this


my office, 2012 011


It would be fun to make it into a lamp.  But that will have to wait for another day. 


And as it turns out… Lecca and Costantino will be going on vacation soon.  I might get to help take care of the chickens.  Woooo hooo.  How cool is that?  I’m pretty excited.  But do you think I should tell them that we are having wings tonight for dinner????


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