Richard Stanhope Pullen

We have finally gotten far enough along with moving that I am able to think of something else.  So who is Richard Stanhope Pullen?  Well click on this link


or read what Wikipedia has to say.

From Wikipedia


Richard Stanhope Pullen was born on September 18, 1822 to Turner and Elizabeth Smith Pullen on the small family plantation in Wake County, NC. Little is known about his early life and education and even in his later life he shied from press and recognition. However, it is known that as a young man he began working for his uncle, Richard Smith, in Raleigh. Eventually he inherited quite a large sum of money from his uncle and began embarking on developing Raleigh through business endeavors as well as philanthropic projects. His land and monetary donations contributed to the development of city roads, and what later became Peace College, UNC Greensboro, NC State University, Edenton Street United Methodist Church and, of course, Pullen Park. Pullen remained actively involved in planning and funding improvements to the park until his death in 1895. No monument or plaque was erected on park ground commemorating his contributions until 1992, as the city feared that this use would violate the clause that stipulated that the land must be used for recreational purposes. The most recognizable monument to Richard Stanhope Pullen for Raleigh residents is the obelisk on the Pullen family plot in Raleigh’s Oakwood Cemetery.[3]


And how was it that I started thinking about him?   Nerone and I were talking our long afternoon walk.  I was pointing out to him a field that had been plowed.  The sun was setting in the west to our sides and I noticed this perfect silhouette. 


shadows, door panels 002


The shot in the field did not turn out as well as



shadows, door panels 010


against grass.   But this shadow of me triggered a memory of a silhouette of Richard Stanhope Pullen walking with his manservant, gesturing with his cane where to plant a tree.  Isn’t it funny how a fleeting glimpse or shadow can bring back a memory from years and years ago.


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