A Magical Mushroom Tour

One of the interesting things about the sagras is that they will have displays of some sort.  Some are very local, people on outings, that sort of thing and not that interesting to me.  But some like the Polenta Sagra have very interesting displays.


polenta 2012 042


There is a separate tent with a large table in it and pictures and posters hanging on the walls.  The table is set up like a little woodland to show how mushrooms grow. 


polenta 2012 043


polenta 2012 044


polenta 2012 045


polenta 2012 046


polenta 2012 048


I like these for their delicate purple color.


polenta 2012 049


polenta 2012 054


polenta 2012 055


Sorry I didn’t get any names.  But aren’t they interesting, all the colors and textures.  Hope you enjoyed your tour. 


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