Finally, an easy project

Our apartment has a long, central hall.  About halfway down it is this recessed area that was a door maybe or a window a long time ago. There are hooks in it to hang stuff from.


polenta 2012 002


And you can see we have been doing that.  But after living here a while we realized that it could be a book case.  Something that we really needed.  So I measured and it was off to OBI (the Home Depot of Italy).  And just like Home Depot the nice folks there will cut lumber for you. 



polenta 2012 003


It all fitted in very snugly.  I did not even need nails.




polenta 2012 006


So for 30 Euros and about 5 minutes work we got a bookcase and emptied 4 boxes of books on to it.   


Of course there is still a trunk full of books and 2 boxes of books that are set aside to sell, trade or give away.  And please, please, unless I specifically ask you for a book, please don’t send me any.  Magazines are another matter. 


1 Comment

  1. BK

    Martha, I am so impressed with your carpentry skills. The bookcase looks great-such a good use of space!

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