You have something to say??????

Guest post by Nerone, the dog


There I was.  Just sittin’ quietly, watchin’ and guarding like I’m supposed to.


polenta 2012 037


When all of the sudden this CHICKEN started mouthing off.


polenta 2012 063


Well, I tried to play it cool.  But then..


polenta 2012 065


She started coming on over to me!   I mean, what’s going on?


polenta 2012 067


And she’s getting even closer!  Clearly, she is trying to provoke me. 



polenta 2012 068


That was it.  I had to tell her ‘what’s what!’  Man , she didn’t like that.  Went off all in a huff with her ruffled feathers and all.    Shewww eee!  I can’t figure chickens out at all.  There not like cats.  And I think they have been drinkin’ out of MY water bowl.  I’m gonna have to put a stop to that!  Fire up the grill!  It’s CHICKEN TIME! 


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  1. BK

    You are the Dog! I can’t wait to meet you!

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