Views on an afternoon walk

voting, int'l market 2012 020


We have enjoyed a relatively dry and mild October until the 27th.  But now the weather is changing.  A few days of off and on rain and the temperature is dropping.  Soon, it will be time to fire up the stuffa.  Fortunately, I got a shot or two of the front of the villa before Costantino  put the planters away for the winter. 


voting, int'l market 2012 018


He also spent most of one day moving all the citrus trees in.  Can’t say that I will miss doing that at Covivole since I won’t.  I was able to buy some Spring bulbs at the International Market so I made one bed of mixed daffodils and crocus.  (Do you think you will get to see pictures of them next Spring?)  I have also planted blue pansies in the blue planters.  They are lining the front walk in to the house.  I am not sure if they will be able to remain there or not once Spring and Summer return.  In the Summer, the property is used for weddings and our walk is clearly in the view of the wedding guests.  The owners might want a coherent look.  (you know, all clay pots, all red geraniums)  We’ll see.  One of the owners will be visiting next week so I guess I will ask her then. 


voting, int'l market 2012 024


We have had some great sunsets.  For some reason the house in the distance reminds me of Mount Vernon (George Washington’s home in Virginia)  Don’t know why.  There really is nothing similar about them but a quick look and I think of Mount Vernon. 


voting, int'l market 2012 025


voting, int'l market 2012 026


I like the jet streak


voting, int'l market 2012 032


And another day comes to a close. 


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