International Market

One of our favorites of the year.  It is held in Arezzo around  whatever weekend is close to the 20th of October.  Yes, we made 3 trips to it this year. 


Friday night we were there to eat Thai food.


voting, int'l market 2012 043


Our friendly Thai lady from Berlin.  She remembers us now and showers us with food.


voting, int'l market 2012 044


And there were crates and crates of Singha….



voting, int'l market 2012 038


Friday night, Jules and George joined us for Thai.  Here’s Jules with Ben.   


Saturday, Grace came along and we met Richard (one of the owners of where we lived) there.  And ate Thai again.  Sadly I took no food pictures.


voting, int'l market 2012 047


voting, int'l market 2012 049


I did catch these flamenco dancers as they got ready for their show. 



voting, int'l market 2012 041


And of course I couldn’t pass up a chicken shot.



Sunday was a quick trip to get baked ham from the Trieste area of Italy.  But we waited too late and they were sold out!   Next year I’ll buy it on Saturday.  But all the Thai was good.


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  1. Linda Ruiz

    So funny you were enjoying Thai as I was flying back from 2 weeks inThailand just in time to meet Sandy, No damage here, but feel very sorry for the people in New Jersey.

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