New oil and some from an old place

On Sunday, October 21, we were in Policano for the New Oil festa at Frantoio Cacioli.


new oil, furniture 004


This is a family run olive oil mill.  Two years ago, after a major renovation of the mill they started having an ‘open day’  to allow sampling of the new oil and to show off the very clean and modern mill.


new oil, furniture 008


The olives are loaded outside, where the stems and leaves are removed.


new oil, furniture 010


Floor at the entrance to the mill.


new oil, furniture 012


Mill wheels grinding the olives.  I wish you could smell this.  It is just one of the best smells in the world.  It is hard to describe.  You know that it is vegetable but it is not like cut grass.  It is very distinctive, fresh and clean.  Just such a good smell.  And the new oil is the best.  It has a wonderful peppery bite to it.  If you are interested in some of this wonderful oil then order some from our friends Tania and Keith.  : L’Arte dell’Olivo    Tania and Keith export from Italy (import to America) the new oil as soon as it is pressed.  It really is different from any olive oil you could buy in America. 


And then, I was just given some oil that was produced from the olive trees that grow on the property where I believe that my grandmother grew up. 


new oil, furniture 060


My  grandmother grew up in Sorrento and on the property of the Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria is a villa that bears her family name.  This oil came from trees on that property.   Richard, (one of the owners the house that we used to rent) brought me a bottle because he knows of my connection to the property.  Richard has consulted with the owners of the hotel for years.  And that is where Elizabetta, the cat, was born.   I am really happy to have a chance to try this oil.


If I had more money than sense I would buy bottles of the oil and send them to my brother and cousins.  But that will have to wait until we win the lottery. 


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