Veteran’s Day

Okay, I have to admit, I forgot to write my Aunts but I did write to my Uncle.  And we did go to the WWII cemetery in Foiano.  But we went on Saturday rather than Sunday.  (it rained on Sunday)  (Nothing about remembering the occasion said we had to get sick from getting soaked in the rain)  


And I was wrong.  It is full of Brits and only one Indian.  Anyway some shots.



rabbit in november 2012 040


rabbit in november 2012 028


rabbit in november 2012 030


rabbit in november 2012 032


rabbit in november 2012 038


rabbit in november 2012 039


rabbit in november 2012 036


It is a beautifully maintained property with lots of well cared for plants and flowers.  The head stones are uniform in size and have to have been put in place fairly recently, not 60 some years ago.  Many had quotes or a message at the bottom that brought tears to my eyes.   Most had been killed in  July or August, 1944.   I’m glad that we went.


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