Making furniture

voting, int'l market 2012 033


I saw these 2 panels at the second hand store where I have sold some  china and spare things.  The panels are hand painted silk and in very good shape.  Also big, two feet by three feet.  We really didn’t need any big art so I thought for a long time about what I could do with them.  Finally I realized that they could become doors on a cabinet.



new oil, furniture 059


Wood is expensive here.  So I decided to use a pre-fab bookcase as the bones of the cabinet.  I got the small one on the right.  And really, what is a cabinet?  A book case slip covered in wood. 



new oil, furniture 073


I had to lower the top shelf or it would have been totally covered by what came next.  Here I have added some outside bracing for the sides and the door.


new oil, furniture 075


Starting to take shape.  See how the top shelf would have been lost if I hadn’t of lower it? 


new oil, furniture 077


Richard very generously gave me some paint.  (the color doesn’t show up but it is a light green)


After a few weeks…


rabbit in november 2012 024


The almost finished product.  I need to get a magnetic catch to hold the door closed.


rabbit in november 2012 025


I painted the side panels and want to add some more olive green and gold to these panels.  I really like the trim around the top.  I think it makes it just that more worthy of the royalty on the front.


rabbit in november 2012 027


Inside, before I filled it with the contents of some of our remaining boxes.


rabbit in november 2012 026


I have only finished one so far.  I am really happy with the way it has turned out.  So was it a money saving choice?  Well yes and no.  I am estimating that by the time I buy the wood for the other one all told I will have spent about 285 Euros on both of them.   We certainly could have just used the plain bookcases which were only 30 Euros each.    But then it would have been two plain light weight cheap looking bookcases instead of two unique heavier pieces of furniture.   Plus it was fun. 



  1. Kathy

    Very unique and equally lovely. What a treasure!

  2. Linda Ruiz

    Bravo! Am going to Chicago to see Thai Dang and his new restaurant.

  3. Hi Kathy,
    Thanks for reading and commenting. Hope you are having a good holiday.

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