Why is the slow cooker in your office?

I am often seen walking around the house muttering ‘ Fat two to skinny three.  Fat two to skinny three.’ and peering behind furniture and at the walls.  An outsider could easily think I have finally gone over the edge.  And if I do go over the edge this will probably be the thing that does it.


What, you ask, will be it?



plug adapters 002


Electrical plugs!   There is no standardization of plugs.  Every country has different outlets, appliances are either made for the European market or for Italy.  The plugs are different.    It is very rare that I can decide to just plug an appliance in and use it without a search through our connector collection.  I have gotten to the place where some appliances have their own connectors and Ben had better not even look at them much less consider disconnecting them and using them for something else.  When we traveled here we used to carry a gallon size zip lock bag of nothing but connectors.  They have been torturing me for that long.


So that’s why the slow cooker ended up in my office.  No possible place to plug it in in the kitchen.  I need a fat two to a skinny two and we don’t have one.  But the extension cord that is plugged in behind a piece of furniture in my office is a fat two.  So the day was saved.   Good heavens, you don’t think that I’d let a little old thing like an electrical plug  stop me from making pulled pork bbq did you?




rabbit in november 2012 042


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  1. Ann Barber

    What do you call a polarized plug that I’d call ‘fat and skinny’? That’s how I date lamps and small appliances around here, by their plugs! Happy Thanksgiving, Missy and Ben, too. After all, any day is a good day to give thanks, no matter ones nationality. Years ago, one of the nieces, at the time a first grader, was asked to give the blessing and went with the Pledge of Allegiance. It is now a family tradition!

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