Flower Shop

I like to play with flowers.  All kinds, plants, cut flowers, dried flowers, fruits, vegetables.  The whole range. 



Thanksgiving 2012 003


These sunflowers were volunteers that appeared in a field that Nerone and I see on our walk every morning.  Last summer the field was planted with sunflowers.  The seed heads were harvested and then the stalks plowed under.  A cover crop was planted for winter but a few volunteer sunflowers popped up.  Under the cover of fog, Nerone and I went into the field to cut them for our Thanksgiving table.   They turned out to be so big that I had to use them on the staircase instead of the table.


Thanksgiving 2012 004


For the table I ended up using foliage, olive branches, grape leaves, chestnuts all from the property and the great pomegranates that the owners of the property brought me. 


Thanksgiving 2012 013


Thanksgiving 2012 019


Thanksgiving 2012 033


Thanksgiving 2012 037


After Thanksgiving the sunflowers finally got their turn on the table along with the pomegranates.  (yes that is laundry hanging in the background.  I’m telling you it has been nothing but rain)  Setting a table like this in the states would have cost a small fortune.  This cost nothing but the candles.   It’s so much fun to live here.



  1. Linda Ruiz

    Your tables are beautiful. I thought of you today…Iwas washing my chicken and my chicken bowl. Thinking how grest they would look in your house.

  2. Created ~ Create.it

    I sometimes wish I lived in Italy. I’ve always wanted to visit. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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