My new bar

Guest Post by Nerone, the dog


Well, well, I’m finally gonna make some money off of these chickens.  She Who Must Be Obeyed moved some plants over and tidyed the place up a bit.  Those chicks couldn’t wait to get in.  They have been spongin’ off me and hittin’ my water bowl for free.  Well!  That’s stoppin now!


okra, fall2012 009


Ohhh, they’re hittin the buffet kinda hard!




okra, fall2012 006


And look at that gray one, almost fallin in the waterin hole!   


okra, fall2012 007


What’s this???? Running off without paying the bill!   Listen, I know where ya’ll live.    Hmmm, you think it’s a fox outside the door huh?  Might just be a dog in fox clothing.


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