Autumn Purples

All in the same week I noticed these plants.  It must be a seasonal thing.



Thanksgiving 2012 001


Thanksgiving 2012 006


These great purple berries which look so artificial were on a bush outside an electronics store. 


Thanksgiving 2012 024


Thanksgiving 2012 025


The purple mushrooms were on the property where we live very near this bush below.


Thanksgiving 2012 029


Don’t quite know if purple is the color for fall or what?  As I write this on the first Sunday in December, we started the day with sun, then it rained but now it is sunny again.  The last half of November was pretty much rain, rain, rain.  The earth is saturated and there is standing water still.  I can think of 1 day out of the last 15 when it has not rained for at least part of the day.  Makes it very hard to get laundry dry.  On the other hand we still have not had below freezing temperatures but I think that will change in the next few days.  The mosquito population is still flourishing.  But now we are wearing so much clothing there is no visible skin to bite.   But it could have been snow!  



  1. Anna Lee B

    The plant in the first two photos is callicarpa or beauty berry – stunning colour, isn’t it? Can’t tell you anything about the mushrooms, though.
    Really enjoy your blog, btw.

  2. Thanks for this info. I will look for it next spring at the plant shops.

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