It’s a seasonal thing…

Presepi that is.  These are elaborate displays that appear at Christmas, more or less displaying Christ’s birth as taking place in 19th century Italy.  (I never said this makes sense)


okra, fall2012 032


This one is huge, about 10 feet wide by 4 or 5 feet in height.  It takes up the entire counter in the card shop in town.  (You might recall other posts about this shop and his Christmas tree display window)



okra, fall2012 033



okra, fall2012 036


The nativity, but don’t miss the Roman solider at the far right.


okra, fall2012 034


They are mechanized.  The fisherman repeatedly pulls this fish out.  (Roman soldiers guarding the bridge) (a little mix and match of time periods)


okra, fall2012 037


okra, fall2012 035


This lady is drawing up water from a well. 


While the overall display is big, the figures are about 3 or 4 inches.  There are displays in all sizes with much smaller figures to life size.  And of course living ones too.  These displays are much more common further south in Italy (near Naples) than around here.   The real treasures are the ones where everything is hand made rather than machine made but still just planning and setting this up is a  work of art by itself. 


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  1. sherrie

    Beautiful!! I had never seen one before…

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