Ohhhh, it’s those chickens again


okra, fall2012 011


okra, fall2012 012


okra, fall2012 018


I have been feeding them while Lecca and Costantino are on vacation.  (There is a 4th one not pictured.  He (?) is shy.)   So much fun to work with them.  I can now make much better chicken noises.  (I know that so many of you will be glad to hear that)  Since I have been feeding them and giving them grubs from the flower pots they will come running across the yard when they see me.  The things that I thought they would like to eat as treats (cooked pumpkin, cooked greens) they have turned their beaks up.  But they do like the cooked faro.  Fortunately I can get it ready made from the Esselunga so I share some with them. 


The black one gave me a scare when he turned up lame one morning.  A quick search of the internet (more about this in another post)  turned up several reasons why, possibly mites, some disease (name of which I have forgotten), sports injury (essentially their feet are big and they are clumsy but they insist on jumping around) or they just slept wrong.   Well, he is still kind of hobbling around, but one morning when I opened the stall door to let them out I couldn’t find him at all.  Talk about a PANIC!  Then I saw him.  There is a coop of sorts in there and he has taken to sleeping UNDER the coop.  It’s a tight fit.  I think his leg is just getting cramped from being there all night.     


Lecca is back, so she has resumed care of them.  And so far I have not received any lectures about making them too fat.  I am pretty sure she was afraid I would over feed them.   But they still coming running up when I go out.  I think I’ll keep slipping them some faro.


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