Picture walls

When our friend Dinah was here for Thanksgiving she was amazed that we had already hung pictures.  I thought to myself, ‘but we have been here more than 2 months.  Is there some waiting period that I am supposed to observe before hanging pictures?’  Anyway, in conjunction with another recent post (If you send it, we will hang it) I thought I show you all my groupings of pictures. 


I had an Aunt who took pictures all the time.  And was kind enough to send prints.  And had pictures all over her house.  I think she was a big influence on me.


dinah's plaster 019 


The Italian wall, Florence and Rome


dinah's plaster 021


The travel wall (pics and things from all over)


dinah's plaster 022


Italian relatives wall


dinah's plaster 023


Wall of Spring.  Pictures of Ben’s grand daughter in his office


dinah's plaster 024


Other pics in Ben’s office.


dinah's plaster 025


Siena’s ‘sun’ collection by the door


dinah's plaster 026


The dog wall in our bedroom



dinah's plaster 027


And finally assorted friends and relatives in our bedroom.


Now wasn’t that interesting?


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